Moos d’Herripon is an experienced choreographer and theatre director with a demonstrated history of working in the arts. She is skilled in the performing arts: contemporary dance, community arts, as a teacher and coach. Moos is a designer of interactive theatre games, graduated at the ‘University of the Arts’ and ‘Master of education in Arts’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands.



Moos has been introduced into the world of theatre by Ariane Mnouschkine (Theatre du Soleil, Paris).
It was Mnouschkine who taught her a form of theatre that combined acting, dance, and music into one.

Physical Theatre

Her training in the physical theatre has led her to study in the East: The Balinese Masks, Kathakali and Chinese Opera. This form of theatre appealed to Moos very much and it is still the source of inspiration on her quest.

Moos seeks the connection between the abstract movement and the concrete action of the characters. The theatre-dance performances she made, gave depth in the way she deepened the approach of her profound knowledge gained in this art.

Artistic Leader

Moos was an artistic leader of several community festivals, theatre production house, and theatre companies such as the Mijzenfestival, Festival FAC, Festival Up to Us, From Coast to Coast, Do Theatre, Do Dance, Do Foundation and MoDo.