Art and Education


Theatre Weeks


YXIE organises special tailor-made art weeks for students of high schools and universities. Immersing in a new environment will inspire the students creatively and introduces them to the French art context. Additionally, we also create the opportunity to work together with a renowned theatre director and musical componist.

During this week, we aim to culturally inspire by organising (amongst other activities) a trip to Paris (2 days) and several theatre and music workshops (3 days). We will finalize with a presentation for the French people, living in the picturesque village



This week of workshops is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their presence in a room, confidence, and presentation skills; whether they have a specific goal such as a presentation at work or a public speech, or if they want to improve their everyday communication skills. Participants will learn w


Moos is looking for passion and fun in playing theatre, improvising, and moving. She inspires theatre students, amateurs, actors and dancers and will get inspired by working with them. The physical character exists from the moment that one recognizes it, one recognizes it because the character expresses someone, something, and at the same time resembles the character.


Moos d’Herripon has worked as a part-time acting teacher at University for Theatre in Leeuwarden for several years.