‘It would be nice if the world revolves around imagination, insight, brainpower, motor skills and the transfer of ideas. Crucial in a society, in which the changes follow each other in rapid succession and where complex issues require creative thinkers and performers’

Theatre and dance are about interpersonal contact, about interaction. One of the strengths of the physical theatre is, among other things, that you can confront people with their own behavior and thereby let them look at themselves


Moos d’Herripon has worked as a part-time acting teacher at University for Theatre in Leeuwarden for several years. Teaching has always been a passion for Moos. Together with students, actors, amateurs she investigates the human behavior, like the shame of fears, the impotence, the sadness.


Moos is looking for passion and fun in playing theatre, improvising, and moving. She inspires theatre students, amateurs, actors and dancers and will get inspired by working with them. The physical character exists from the moment that one recognizes it, one recognizes it because the character expresses someone, something, and at the same time resembles the character.

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