‘As long as I can remember I have the passion to create and organise theatre in which movement plays a major role’.


As a creator of theatrical productions, Moos possesses a distinctive and personal style that diverges from traditional theater, firmly rooted in the realm of dance. Her performances navigate the boundary between dance and theater, existing at the forefront of both disciplines. In Moos’ creations, movement is linked to its underlying motivations, driven by emotions. Authenticity and vulnerability are the essences she strives for in her work. Typically, Moos orchestrates collaborations among professional dancers, actors, and amateur participants in her performances.


At the core of her approach is the utilization of improvisations by performers on the stage, exploring their connection to the themes integrated into the piece, and seeking to manifest the physical representation of these ‘underlying reasons.’ The focus is on capturing the unconscious communication between individuals, especially within the context of the performance.


She directed theatre with communities of people who have things in common, like farming communities, soccer players, jockeys, gypsies or martial art performers. Each project is about the encounter of different worlds that can coexist and reinforce each other.


Passion and direct communication with the audience are important for Moos to achieve. In the performances the experience is paramount, it moves, stimulates and touches the audience in an unexpected way. The body speaks its own language and addresses the viewer’s senses.