Theatre Gaming

Hamlet Game


The Theatre Game In which you will discover the real Hamlet,  who you can trust and who is speaking the truth?


The father of Hamlet is murdered. What has happened? And who has done it?

The Hamlet game takes students into the story of Hamlet. Not a regular performance, but in an interactive way: a theatre game. Upon arrival there is a corpse, there are indications around it. Students are divided into four teams, who have to solve the murder? Quiz questions such as ‘who can you trust?’ And ‘What is the role of Ophelia?’ Will be answered by the teams. A game to discover the true nature of Hamlet, in which different teams compete against each other. Actors take the students in quiz form in the Hamlet. And this time the phone does not have to be switched off but plays a part in the game.






In the Hamlet Game students discover what Hamlet has experienced this can help them to look at their own lives and experiences. Pupils go to work with themes from the theatre piece, think along and become involved in the Hamlet in an interactive way.

We worked out more games for youngsters like Welcome The Paradise the game to get Dutch scholars in contact with refugees. We also worked out other Shakespeare plays and themes.